Help with Child Care Costs

Child Care Vouchers

Childcare Vouchers offer a great way to support working parents by helping them save up to £1000 per year on childcare. Bright Starts are registered with all the main companies. If we are not registered with your chosen voucher company, it is a stairght forward process which is usually completed within 48 hours. You can find further information on

Child Tax Credits

You may be able to get extra tax credits to help with childcare costs, if you’re a working parent.

Single parents must work 16 hours or more a week to get childcare tax credits.

Couples must both work 16 hours or more a week. But only one of you has to work these hours if the other is: entitled to carer’s allowance, in hospital or prison and/or getting certain benefits, credits or reductions for disability or illness

You could get up to 70% of the childcare costs you’re claiming for, up to a maximum of £175 a week for 1 child and £300 a week for 2 or more children.

Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credits

The Inland Revenue’s site explains Tax Credits and has a calculator which will help you work out how much you could be entitled to. This allows you to apply online. You can find further information on

Discretionary Learning Support

If you’re 20 or over and on a further education course you may be able to get Discretionary Learner Support to pay for childcare. Each college has its own scheme so contact the college direct to find out more.  

Childcare Grant

If you’re in full-time higher education you can apply for a Childcare Grant to pay for childcare costs for children under 15, or under 17 if they have a special educational need.

Care to Learn

Care to Learn payments go direct to your childcare provider to pay for childcare costs. You may be able to get Care to Learn if you’re under 20 and caring for your own child

Remember that Bright Starts Nursery accepts all forms of childcare vouchers and allowances from employers, colleges and job centres.